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What can StashDock do for your business?

StashDock - marketing content, delivered seamlessly. All the marketing content you need, created for your industry. Brand new every month. With no tech hassle.


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Free resources section

Free resources to help you market your business.

We have a library of stuff full of top tips, best practice and info on how you can work smarter.

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Professional web presence section

A professional web presence.

A StashDock microsite is the perfect showcase. Our powerful analytics give you invaluable stats, showing exactly how your audience is engaging with your StashDock content.

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Blog section

Blog content specific to your industry.

Our copywriters work closely with your trade organisation to find out what they key issues are for your industry.

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Personalised blog section

Personalised blog content specific to your own company.

Working from your brief, our writers create great relevant, compelling blog articles tailor-made for your company.

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Video section

Video content specific to your industry.

We work with your trade association to produce top-end videos about issues that are important to your sector.

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Personalised video section

Personalised video content branded for your company.

We can add your company name, logo and strapline to your videos, giving your films the personal touch.

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News Manager section

Our unique News Manager app.

Good customer communication is essential. Our News App makes staying in contact super easy.

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Social Media section

Social media management.

StashDock can help you use social media to improve engagement, start conversations and create an audience for your marketing content.

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